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I've got the Skybox 16 and love it. It fits perfect and I could have probably stepped up to the 18 or 21. It fits the factory cross bars perfect. Last year we took an 8500 mile cross country trip from the Seattle metro area to NY, to Maryland, to Myrtle Beach and back. Our car was fully loaded and Skybox had my golf bag, 4 pair of golf shoes, sleeping bags, and a bunch of extra stuff. I didn't max out the weight limit but was close. The Skybox 16 will hold two large suitcases and some small items, or several carry ons. I've had two golf bags and luggage also on one trip and was surprised how much room there was. The 18 and 21 will give a bit more space.

The box looks great on the car. There is very little road noise and during the trip, we were getting 24.5 mpg (JX35) without a cross wind, and the lowest was 17.5 during 50 mph head winds and rain. The box didn't impact the car and never leaked. I almost forgot the box was up there. I like the Skybox because you can access it from both sides. I only keep it on the car when I absolutely need it. I purchased Thule's cargo box lift and have it floating above the car. It takes me 10 minutes to mount and un-mount it.

We purchased it at REI. We just missed their sale, so we asked the manager if he'd give us a break on price. He honored the 20% price. We were out the door for under $400.

We were able to dry fit the box at REI before purchasing. One nice thing we didn't expect is that it fits our 2014 Nissan Rogue.


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Have you driven on the freeway with it? How is it on the QX? Is it noisy/lifting/rattling? Or does it work well?
It's just fine. No excessive wind noise and I was doing 75 mph on that trip (150 miles round trip - about 24 mpg on it). I've used this box for five years and love it. I do have a mat on the bottom as I was worried about rattles, but never had any. Could be due to the mat or not, but it's pretty quiet.

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