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XM Satellite really needed to traffic on Nav screen?

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Our 3 month XM Radio subscription has expired. Now the Navigation now longer shows traffic and says the subscription is required. That is not a requirement in our other car. Is there a way to traffic onto the Navigation screen without the subscription?
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Your stuck having to use Sirius/XM to get it. I'm noticing a lot of the newer navigation units are having you pay to get Nav Traffic.
My new qx60 is doing something similar. I can view the maps use destinations but cannot use traffic or put in my home address or type specific destinations. My BMW had full capibilities and I paid for nothing. Not quite understanding this set up or I'm doing something wrong which I do not think is the case..
I don't see why other than not seeing traffic alerts that anything would be different with the Nav system. If that is the case I think they have seriously mucked up. As nice as this car is, there are enough little things about it that I am discovering through use to make me really think about what my plans will be at the end of the lease. And most do not involve another infiniti product.
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