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XM radio

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We have 18 XM preset stations. 6 on XM1, 6 on xm2 and 6 on xm3. I listen to the preset stations that are on xm1. When I turn off the car, I am listening to a station on XM1. Now, when I start the car, on occasions, the radio defaults to XM2. It should default to the station I was listening to when I turned the car off (XM1). I hope I explained this well enough. Does anyone have any idea why this happens? Thank you for your response.
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Maybe it's got something to do with the second fob and how it remembers settings for the person who has the second fob? Do you yourself use both fobs or does someone else have the 2nd one exclusively? Mine has never done this, so thinking outside the box.
That sounds possible. I will set both fobs and see what happens. thanks
Have you set your key fob to recognize your settings such as seat, mirrors, tilt wheel, AC, and radio? I'll look at the manual later to describe the procedure.
No problem, hope that works but please do report back either way.
I appreciate it. Thanks
As Bob says, you should make sure you tie the key you use to your settings. To do this, first put your seat, steering column and outside mirrors where you want them. Then press the Set, then the number button for the number you want to be (one or two). The number button will stay lit. While it is still lit, press the Unlock button on your keyfob. Now your settings are tied to your keyfob. If you move your seat, you'll want to press Set, 1 (or 2) again to remember those settings. However, you should not need to press the keyfob unlock button again - it should stay tied to whichever number you set it to.

Other things that are remembered are your radio station presets, your air conditioning settings, and your navigation settings. In the case of these items, I believe it just remembers whatever you set up the last time you drove with your keyfob. So if you set new XM presets, it should remember those. And I would expect it to go back to those next time you drive. Unless, of course, you use the other keyfob - in which case it will go to whatever was set up with that keyfob last time it was used.
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Thank you for your reply. I will try this tonight when my wife gets home from work
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