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Wobble at highway speed

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Hi everyone wanted to see if anyone has experienced this before. I have a 2014 QX60 with no lane departure system.

Was driving around 65mph and then the whole car felt like it was wobbling almost like when it’s a really windy day (there was no particularly strong wind) when this happened and the steering wheel had no strange vibrations of any kind. After I slowed down it stopped and I couldn’t replicate it later.

Any ideas what could have happened?
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Various roads can cause swaying. California drags lines into concrete highways to reduce standing water, Texas has wheel trenches from trucks, all causing that strange swaying back/forth.

Another potential issue is your suspension. Given the age of your vehicle, it could be slack in your front steering assembly.

If this happens again note the location (highway) and see if you can keep replicating. It's good information for your repair shop.
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