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Wheel color

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Just bought a 14 and was wondering what colors do the factory wheels cone in? It looks like the front and the back are different. One looks like a darker shade of silver or grey. Just curious if it's just my eyes or if they are in fact different.
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I've never seen anything but chrome and the same wheels at all for corners.
The QX60 comes in chrome or a light-gray/gun metal rims.

Head back to the dealership if they don't match
They should match for sure. If you really think they are different then they could have put some of each on the car. If you want a second opinion you'll have to post up some pictures for us to take a look.
Avoid chrome if you can, hard to keep in good condition but if you're willing to put in the effort required for the extra care, go ahead.
I'd be stunned if they aren't all the same color. Probably just the lighting/angle when you were looking at them.
It might help to stop by some of the local dealers and check out what they have on their lot to compare to what you have, it might help to figure out for yourself if it's normal or something that requires further action.
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