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Wheat Leather Care vs Blue Jean Dye

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A while back I commented on a post about the best product to use on the QX60 leather. I have the wheat color so its highly susceptible to soiling, fortunately we have no small children so that doesn't happen often :). At the time I'd just gotten my QX60 so I went with a product I'd used before and was also recommended here - Lexol. After few months of ownership I noticed that the Lexol product was effective however it wasn't as effective on the dye left behind by blue jeans. After a little research I decided to try the Griot's Garage Leather Care and purchased some from Amazon. I applied it and removed ALL of the dye from the leather seats and door arm rests on both the driver side and passenger sides successfully with minimal elbow grease. I have to say I'm impressed and recommend it highly. Unfortunately I didn't take any before and after pics to share but lets just say the blue hue was very noticeable prior to the Griot's treatment. Side note, I have the heated/cooled seats and this didn't cause any issues with the perforations.
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This is great info to know! I also have wheat interior and recalled your previous post about the Griots. This will definitely help me as I go forward with our QX60! (and we have 4 kids, so I anticipate needing to know about this sooner than later LOL)
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