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What is the latest solution to convert to CarPlay?

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Want to keep the factory head unit, what are the current solutions out there?
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Hi all,

here's my experience so far:

  • uNavi arrived quickly
  • Local technician was able to install it reasonably easily (wasn't cheap but beat me spending days trying to DIY it. YMMV)
  • Works generally well as advertised EXCEPT as below:

My wife's and my iPhones will NOT allow audio input from the uNavi/OEM microphone into our phones. Which means that we can't do Siri, or voice calls from our phones, or anything that requires us to speak to the system. It's a huge pain.

However - it MAY not be a uNavi thing. The uNavi worked just fine with our installer's iPhone, and it seems that this issue (CarPlay not passing through voice inputs to some iPhones) is a known issue out there. Haven't been able to find a solution yet.

The other issue is that when the uNavi is installed, it eliminates use of the Front AUX jacks entirely. I was hoping that it would allow use of those jacks temporarily (e.g. when the system was not running) but no such luck. So if you want to use those jacks for stuff (e.g. passing HDMI through an RCA converter), you may be SOL.

Anyway, that's been the experience so far. If I could get the dang Apple bug fixed, it would be terrific.

If anyone has any insight into either of the issues above, please LMK!!


- Sameer
not sure if @Unavi USA has any input on this issue...
not sure if @Unavi USA has any input on this issue...
Hello This is unavi korea tech team. if you call our US tech team will support everything.
PHONE: 855-558-6284
EMAIL: [email protected]
ADDRESS: 15052 Red Hill Ave, Suite B, Tustin, CA 92780
Or you can help through message. ( message tech support # (714) 643 5704)
Thanks and Sorry for inconvenience.
61 - 62 of 62 Posts