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Good afternoon
Just completed the installation of the ground illumination welcome lighting. It was not too difficult and didn't require lifting.

When going through the Final Check (see attachment), I am not sure if the lights are behaving as they should.

After re-connecting the battery, this is what happens:

After pressing door unlock, the welcome lights turns on and off with the dome lamp
The welcome lights and dome lights turn OFF when the car starts
With the car running and shifter in park, when the door is open the dome lights turn ON and welcome lights STAY OFF
After turning the car off and opening the door, the dome lights turn ON, the welcome lights STAY OFF
The welcome lighting will NOT turn on and off with the dome lamp anymore with the keyless remote at this time

It seems like the welcome lights stop functioning with the other lights once the car turns on and then won't come back on when you approach the vehicle or use the keyless remote immediately after turning the car off. I thought they would continue to turn on and off with the door handle lights as in the first steps of the Final Check

Any help?


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