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Voice Recognition Issues?

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This is Not engine related, but is Technical. My wife's last car was a 2012 Lincoln MKX and she had NO issues with speaking commands. Now that she has had her QX60, with every option on it, for 2 weeks now, she said that the Voice Commands are all messed up and just do not respond well at all. This is for Navigation and the Phone. Is there any way to resolve this? I have not seen anyone else reporting this, and we wonder if there is a setting that may help.
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Does it not understand what she's saying or the command list is not great?

There is an alternate command mode setting (under settings, voice recognition) which shortens the sequences considerably so you can try that... see if it helps.
No, it does not understand what she says. It thought that CANCEL was CANADA, and QUIT was KANSAS, etc.
Do the voice commands work for other people, or is the problem consistent no matter who is giving commands?
^ I think there is a training mode for training the voice recognition... is there not? I have never had problems with mine. It is actually really good at understanding the weird street names I sometimes have to go to :)
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