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Upgrade Interior Lights to White

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Hi I was wondering how to upgrade the yellow map and interior lights to white. The current lights have a medal base with 2 tiny bumps on them and I’m not finding anything like that with white LED lights.

I saw a video where someone used 194 bulbs note there is no medal base. I’m not a “ car person” so my knowledge is limited to plug and go ~ however... I can’t stand these yellow interior lights, I can’t see a dang thing with them. Any insight would be appreciated.

Here’s a pic similar to the current light bulb with the medal on it.

The 2nd picture is what keeps showing up when I key in ~ white replacement bulb interior

QX60 ~ 2015


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This has been discussed before. I and others posted the ones we have. You can definitely find the right one (the first one, definitely not 194) in white.

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Nemo I tried to find the post last night~ I found one with pictures but not sure of the specifics. I didn’t see a medal thing wrapped around the bottom of the 194 the ones I keep finding have a thin prong on each side of the lower bottom of the light.

Did you guys tweak the prongs or does it come with the medal part and the 2 small bumps?

Who did you buy it from?

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Thank you so much for the link it was exactly what I was looking for.
The light bulbs in the overhead console in my 2014 QX60 are: BA9s
Where BA = BAYONET style light bulb
9 = base of the bulb in millimeters
s = single contact as opposed to dual contact or another type of contact

Thus, for an incandescent to LED conversion order a BA9s LED bulb to replace your overhead console bulbs.
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