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U.S. pricing on the 2015 Infiniti QX60

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Looking for pricing on a 2015, loaded with all the bells and whistles. I know it's much easier to get a deal on a 2014 right now, but only interested in a 2015. So, if you recently purchased a 2015, please reply with the $$ or % you were able to get off msrp. Thanks much for the help!
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This is a very hard questions to answer because everyone qualifies for different incentives. There are no real incentives other than VPP on the 2015's right now, so do not expect to get to invoice, and definitely not below it. I have sold a few of these recently for $1500-$2000 over invoice just to give you an idea. Another thing to keep in mind is that a dealership will not get as aggressive on a fully loaded model because there are less of them and they can make money on them. There is very good finance rates right now if you go through IFS though if you will be purchasing it instead of leasing it. Hope this helps!
Thanks, Matt, but what is VPP? I'm coming from an MDX and not familiar with that acronym.

Also, I can't find invoice on the QX60, not on Edmunds, not TrueCar, not KBB. Any help on where I can find that info, other than just asking my salesman.

Thanks again!
VPP is our vehicle purchase program if you work for a company that is affiliated with Infiniti (Microsoft, amazon, T-Mobile, etc.). As for the invoice, it is going to be difficult to find because the 2014's are still around, and those are what the deals are on. Your best bet would be to try and get it from your sales consultant, but they may not give it to you. It is about 6% under MSRP though.
Thanks. I won't be able to take advantage of the VPP program, but knowing that invoice is about 6% under msrp helps to estimate invoice.
Yes, I would say that is within a couple hundred or so of the actual Invoice price. Your best bet would be to try and get it from the sales consultant though.
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