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Infiniti has bold plans to reinvent itself by going global, dramatic new styling will be the crux of Infiniti's new direction.

What will be most interesting is how Infiniti plans to handle the different market perceptions of just what luxury is. Infiniti is realistically an American brand, and its products have therefore become American products, in the sense that they've been designed for American sensibilities and suburbias. Things like the scale of the vehicles and their propulsion are whole heartedly American, but what flies in San Francisco doesn't necessarily get off the ground in Shanghai.

Second Infiniti wil be aiming at a consistent product lineup, with a predictable cadence. They have 9 models coming in the next couple of years so expect that those products will share a common design presence and touch point. This seems a German function where each model must look like the one below and above, unavoidable in Infinitis quest for legitimacy.

Look for these common elements to be cribbed from the Q80 Inspriation Concept. That car was intended to delineate the salient aspects of Infinitis design language moving forward.
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