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Theater Package - Control USB Videos while Source is Bluethooth

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Does anyone know if it's possible to change rear USB videos (displaying on rear screens) from the front screen while the front source is set to Bluetooth audio?

My son is too young to use the remote control, and if I switch the front screen source to USB, I can change the rear video, but when I switch the front source back to Bluetooth-audio the USB video stops playing in the rear screens.

My workaround is to hold the remote up behind the rear screen and change the USB videos, not very safe when traveling down the highway.
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Can you play 2 different movies on the headrest if you have 2 kids who want to watch 2 different movies? Just trying to see if it's worth getting the theater package.

You can have three sources... One for the front (while e-brake is on and car is not moving), and one for each of the rear screens.
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