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Heated seats, heated steering wheel, rain sensing wipers and three rows of leather clad seating. Ready, set, lets go.

Lets start at the thrid row, its not simply a token simulacrum designed with toddlers and toddlers alone in mind. The QX60's rear most bench fits adults with aplomb as well as allowing an ease of ingress/egress thanks to the tilt and slide second row. Both the second and thrid row offer versatile split-folding. Anecdotally we had my brother and his 7 and 10 year old in the third row while my 4 and 6 year old occupied the middle row in the child seats. Ingress and egress was no issue, even with the child seats.

The heated seats and leather upholstery are great over long drives, the heated especially so on that early morning rise for the 550 mile trek home from Virginia to New York. The theatre package paid for itself in this trip alone, as the 4 year old began to get a bit cranky, the 6 year old decided he wanted to 'play' too, thankfully the madame loaded their favourite DVD and we had ZZZZ's within a few minutes and about 100 miles of silence.

Eco mode was fantastic on the long bombs of freeway, we averaged 25.5 over the course of the week which included the drives to and from NY to Virginia as well as mild tooling around while at my parents place.
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