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Steering wheel material...

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Finally took delivery of a 2014 QX60 last night (Liquid Platinum/Graphite...all packages), which replaced by 2011 QX56.

It took a few weeks since my initial test drive to settle on a color combo that the dealer could find and so I'm a little removed from that test drive experience.

The one thing that struck me funny when I drove home last night was that the steering wheel felt "slippery" and in looking at it this morning it's more "plastic" than leather.

I don't remember noticing that with the test drive, though the test unit did not have a heated steering wheel. For some reason I thought that the wheel was leather wrapped and was wondering if others here could offer insights.

It might be that the new car had just been detailed making the wheel more slippery and causing me to notice it more.

I would appreciate any thoughts or comments.
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Pretty sure the steering is leather wrapped. Could be some detailing compound that the dealer used prior to you taking possession of the car. Try wiping it off with some paper towel and it should feel less slippery.
I'm sure its the material they used to detail the car. I have the 2013 JX with the heated steering wheel and it is leather and feels good to the touch and not slippery. I have a Rogue SL with leather steering wheel and it feels very smooth in comparison. It doesn't have a heated steering wheel. Make sure your steering wheel is heating up just to make sure.
Must be something from the detail department. Did you pay for paint and fabric(leather) protector? If so, that's it. You could just take a moist sponge and rub it a bit. Probably clear things up for you.
I cleaned it off with a towel and it feels better now.

I'm sure that it was the detailing dept trying to spiff it up for delivery, as it definitely had a waxy feel to it which made it feel more "plasticky".

Thanks to everyone who replied!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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