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Steering wheel heater does not operate

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Howdy, I have a 2014 QX60, and the steering wheel heater does not work. I have taken it to Infiniti two times and the issue has not been resolved. Seems like there is not a lot of info for the techs to do the repair. Unfortunately the steering wheel heater does not show up on any of the fuse diagrams. So he guessed at the fuse placement.

Does anyone know the correct fuse to replace/location in box?

If it is not the fuse what else could it be?

Sure would be nice to have it functional on a cold Chicago day!
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I don't buy for a second there's not a lot of info for an Infiniti service tech to do a repair -- Infiniti dealer service techs have reach back access to Infiniti engineering if necessary. That's BS, who told you that? If they swapped parts and it was still broke, I'd demand my money back and would talk to the service manager. Someone didn't do their job -- and it was probably the service writer.

I did a quick search on the internet, the steering wheel heater fuse is #14 located in the passenger compartment fuse box (located by the driver's left knee), it's on the same circuit as the Air Conditioner Control, Drive Mode System, Rain Sensor, and the Pre-crash seat belt tensioner --those working in your car? If yes, it's not the fuse.


The steering wheel heater has a timer, that cuts it off after a certain time, or if it is a certain temp. This requires a control module relay that could be bad (my guess). You could also have a bad switch. Otherwise, you may need a new steering wheel if the resistance heater in it failed -- possible but not likely.
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Rooster. Thank you so much. Yeah, I wont get into my issues with the dealership, there was more than the above that upset me. Nonetheless, thank you for the above. I must not have googled my issue correctly.

Seems like it may not be the fuse. Drive Mode System, Rain Sensor, and the Pre-crash seat belt tensioner all working. Heater is working overtime (its on 69 and blowing 80+ degrees) but that is a separate issue. I will look at the control module relay and switches. Thanks, this may be my new fav site!
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