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Square panel on front bumper

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See the square panel on the front bumper - what is that? (Inside the circle in
the picture)

The same panel on my car still has some adhesive on it - and it doesn't clean properly...

Note: This picture is from the JXForum where a user had a dealership in Bahrain install LED lights.


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its removable and you attach a tow loop/hook to. theres a threaded eye bolt in the spare tire/rear storage compartment that threads in there. in case you have to be towed - it provides an attachment point to pull the suv onto a flatbed.
As mentioned, remove it and there is a female threaded bolt to screw on a male threaded eye bolt for amongst things one may use it for, towing purposes. Many newer vehicles have this.
Cool I did not know that! Thanks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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