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We just purchased a 2017 QX60 in excellent shape. The dealer talked us into the CPO and I'm glad since they used it to get me new tires and brakes and rotors.
When I got it home (we live about 300 miles away) I checked for the wheel lock key and couldn't find it anywhere (not in the tool bag or any other compartment. I figured it was probably sitting on the tire machine at the dealer when they changed the tires.
I called and no one seemed very interested in looking for them. They offered to cut them off and give me a new set if I came back to the dealer, but, a 10 hour 600 mile drive at a cost of about $180 in fuel didn't seem smart.
The local dealer wasn't any help either.
I had them removed at a local tire dealer in about 5 minutes and had the original wheel nuts installed.
Can I get Infiniti to do something about this?

The other problem occurred when I brought the car to a local mechanic to put up on a hoist so we could inspect underneath.
Good thing - the spare was flat, hadn't been checked in years.
Also, the lower engine cover is missing.
Would that missing cover be something that should have been corrected during the CPO inspection? Or is that my problem to take care of?

Any advice from knowledgeable owners would be great!
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