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Siriusxm Renewal Rate Question

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I still can't get over how lame a 3 month subscription is. A year is more typical. But I digress

Our renewal period is here. I have experience negotiating renewals with Sirius for other vehicles, but the QX60 has the weather/traffic as well. That shouldn't matter, but it might. What type of renewal rate have you all experienced or been able to get?

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If you call and request it, they have a one year renwal option for abour $98 with taxes and fees.

You can save more if you want to play the call every 3 months to keep renewing game, but I always just take the 1 year for ~$98 and am done with it for a whole year.

Big thing to remember is it will auto renew at full price after a year so I set up a reminder in my phone 2 weeks before it renews. When you call simply tell them if you cannot get the same deal again for another year, you would like to cancel. I've been doing it for years and years, no problem. After a while the price will increase, but around 5 years ago it was about $89 and now it is up to $98, so nothing drastic.

This is for the music only, I don't waste my time with the weather/traffic/etc thing, I find it useless for what it costs quite frankly.
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I'm not a satellite radio fan and did not re-subscribe.
However, I've been receiving mailings advertising rates of 99/year and then later first 6months free.
The package includes everything - music,shows,weather,traffic.
I threw it all away in recycle bin....
$99 for a year INCLUDING the weather/traffic thing is not a bad deal at all. I still wouldn't use the weather and the traffic doesn't matter to me but to have it for a year for the price I've been paying anyway, sign me up, lol.
Yea - it was tagged as a special "renewal" rate for a short time since I've ignored them for the past 6 months - LOL
On another car, I am paying $25 for 6 months of radio only. But, I do have to set a reminder to call every six months to avoid a renewal rate of $160 annually.

So, $100 for this car annually sure seems a bit high. I'll let it lapse for a week or so and then see what they will do.
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