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Running Boards for JX35 - GTA / Canada Shipping/ Owners

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Does any Canadian Owners got their JX loaded with running boards ? Most of those offerings from other threads are helpless as the item is not shippable to canada ..
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I see that there is no reply to your question. I have been looking around for QX60 running board too. There are not too many options for Canada.

1. RonUSA
Auto Accessory Superstore: INFINITI RUNNING BOARDS

I talked to them. This does require drill of holes to make it fit. They do ship to Canada.

Romik® - Infiniti QX60 2015 RAL Series Running Boards

There is another thread talking about this. This seems to be very new and we are still questing for the installation instruction and details. There is no pictures available. They do ship to Canada.

If you found anything nice, please kindly share.
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I ended up getting the same ones from Amazon US and shipped to my friends house in Buffalo .. going on may long weekend to pick them up :)

So i got the same running boards but now i need a place to install. i am not a handyman type .. does any one know any GTA shop who can do this ?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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