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Looking for some help. I accidentally put in a dvd into the cd slot while there was still one in there. I was able to pull the second one out and eject the previous one but when I went back to load the new dvd, it seemed to get stuck while loading. The message on the screen was to eject it but the button would not work. I was able to get some tweezers and pull the dvd out but now nothing is loading or working on the dvd player.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to reset the radio/cd player? I'm hoping to reset it where it might work again.

I disconnected both battery cables and left the car alone for a day but only the car/seat settings reset but the dvd player/GPS NAV/bluetooth settings all remained the same. I'm thinking now of trying to disconnect the wiring harness on the back of the radio and see if that does anything but I'm not sure what panels to remove first.

Has anyone had any similar experiences? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!
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