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remote start - winter (heated seats/steering wheel not turning on)

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My wife’s 2017 QX60 would turn on the defrost, heated seats and heated steering wheel when remote starting in the winter time/cold weather. But it seems her 2022 doesn’t do any of the above when remote starting.
Has anyone been able to trigger the defrost and heated seats/steering wheel when remote starting?
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The steering wheel heat goes on for us but not the seats. I know the drivers side will hold the heat setting if you leave it on but it does not activate until it's started, annoying!
I did a remote start today, it was 90F outside, the climate temp was set to 73 before I shut down the car, however when I opened the car it was showing temp set to 75F on the climate screen, as soon as I turned it on(take over) temp flipped to 73. Looks like Nissan have set the remote start climate temp in summer to 75, it doesn't follow last setting.

Any feedback on this?
Considering it's on auto, it doesn't matter. It will never hit 73 on a 90 degree day in 12 minutes anyway. I've personally never used remote start to cool the car in summer, huge waste of fuel, I do use the remote to roll down the windows as I approach though.

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