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Remote engine starter

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Got a new QX60, very happy with that, but it's a base model, doesn't come with remote starter feature. A remote engine starter keyfob cost only around $330+tax (from parts dept) the guy say there is programming instruction comes with it, anyone know can I program the remote starter keyfob myself?
On the other side, the service dept charges $600+tax include the installation. I overheard a sale guy said all QX60 models already equipped remote start engine feature inside the car. It looks like what I need is the programmed remote keyfob, is that right. I want to know the 'installation', does is just mean 'programming the key'? No physical part need to work on the car?
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I'm not sure on the remote start function being built into the base model. But the answer to your question is NO, you can't program the key yourself. Only an Infiniti dealer can program it. That's why they cost so much (don't feel bad - the keyfob for an Audi Q5 is over $400).
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