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QX60 vs. JX35 - pricing question

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I've been looking at these cars for a bit. Some dealers still have the JX model year 2013 on the lot.

As near as I can tell, there is little difference between the '13 and the '14. But the pricing still remains very close - not much of a discount on last year's model. Any sense as to why?

I don't mind getting the JX, though I worry some about ultimate resale with the rebranding. But I certainly see no reason to do so without any financial incentive.

Thanks for your thoughts.
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The cars are basically the same so that is why the price is so similar. It really is basically the badge on the back that is the difference. It could affect resale value but I wouldn't worry about it too much.
biggest mechanical difference is that the '13 JX's use a belt driven CVT while the '14 QX60's use the pathfinders chain driven. Theres a slight difference in their tow ratings i believe...

welcome to the foum BTW
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As KCQ stated above - 3500lbs(JX) vs 5000lbs (QX60) tow rating
Also optional 3rd row power folding seats in QX60
I didn't realize that the tow rating changed so much between the two models. How is that? Is the engine different? How did they achieve that?
I didn't realize that the tow rating changed so much between the two models. How is that? Is the engine different? How did they achieve that?
it was the tranny change. Belt driven CVT's can't handle the stress of towing like a chain driven one can. Belts rely on friction to stay stuck to the pulleys where as a chain driven one has actual teeth that prevent slippage under load.
I read somewhere that the late production models of the JX got the newer transmission. I have an early model JX (built in Feb.2013, I think) which has a 6 speed transmission, there are some JX's that have the newer 7 speed higher towing capacity sitting on the car lots. Take it for a test drive and switch to manual shift and see if you get part 6th gear. This will be your true test.

Good Luck.
^ When you try to get to 7th gear, you have to be on the freeway because it won't let you get past 6th if you're under a certain speed (If I remember correctly - you have to be going at least 50mph)
I guess it might help to find out what the shift points are by RPM so we have a better idea of how it all works.
There are a few differences between the JX and the QX60. First, on the QX60, the lift gate will not beep while it opens and closes. Second, the tranny has been changed and moved to a chain driven one, which increases the towing capacity as dgandbver said. Thirdly, there is optional third row power folding seats. Not huge differences as you can see. Also, the JX is only available for purchase now, at least at our dealership. Resale value may be something to keep in mind as well. For example, when the Q50 came out, the G37 dropped $4000 in price, which also dropped the value of previously sold G's as well.
Thanks for responding Matt. A bit of a thread jack going on here, as I wasn't so much looking for model year differences, but rather an understanding as to why the 13's weren't showing reduced prices compared to the 14's.

I think resale value is always an issue between model years; I suspect more so when they rebrand. But I hold cars for a while. I don't mind buying a JX new or lightly used. I'm just surprised the price on those JX's still sitting on the lots hasn't been more significantly reduced.
Ya, I'm not quite sure either. They really aren't that much different which is why I would assume the price doesn't change. It's weird too because the JX has the premium and premium plus package put into just the premium package and it is $4950, where as the premium and premium plus combined on the QX60 is $4550? Again, I'm not sure why this is.
have you gone and tried to negotiate on JX?
I do know that with my dealership we are allowed to get much more aggressive on the JX. I believe there may be some incentive from corporate that allows us to let them go for under invoice. If you negotiate with your dealership, they should be able to get under invoice on them no problem. Just because sticker price is the same doesn't mean they won't let it go for less.
Those are fair questions I suppose. I have asked price and whether there is a better discount for the 13s. But it certainly hasn't been in earnest. I'm not sure I want one yet!

It is certainly a different proposition to actually try negotiating. Thanks for your responses.
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