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Scoured the web and this site and found zero info on this.

Our drivers side circular/oval-ish front air vent is broken. The inner housing (that has holes that support the louvers) has cracked. That cylindrical plastic interior shroud has holes that the end of the louvers get inserted into and allow them to rotate up and down. Since it is cracked, the center two louvers dropped on the left side and eventually fell out.

The replacement unit/canister looks fully self contained (with silver trim and everything). It has two metal clips on each side, approximately at the middle, that I assume hold it in place. It seems like it will just slide into place.

Questions is:

1) Is this correct that it basically is plug and play by sliding it in until the clips engage?
2) If so, how do you get into the broken unit to disengage the clips and remove the broken unit?

.....or am I completely wrong and it's replaced by another means?

Al from Diego
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