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QX60 Owners Accessories and Modifications

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If you're like many QX60 owners, chances are if you're reading this you are looking for your next accessory or modification, or are just curious as to what exactly owners have done to their QX60 by now.

Below you'll find 9 accessories, modifications and add-on's commonly done by QX60 owners. If what you've done is not listed, let us know what you did in the comments section below!

Aftermarket Wheels

These are just a thought...but after a lot of searching I chose these. These were very Inexpensive and are beautiful chrome. ( about $250.00 each).

So Finally I pulled trigger on Mazzi Rush 792 22"x9.5 all around.
Tires specs are 285/35R22. TMPS system hasn't sync'ed in yet but I bought OEM TPMS so I expect them to sync automatically.
I haven't notice any rubbing of tires when turning at sharp corners. Still have to check the difference on speedometer with GPS.
I really like how chrome wheels compliment the vehicle. Overall I am quite happy with the purchase 0:)

Guys excuse the post, I know its a infiniti forum, just try to share my findings. Admin pls delete if not allowed.

So I did the Vossen CV4 10.5 allround, wrap with Nitto 420, 275/40/22..fitment is perfect.. it came out great and looks good..imo. Slight rub against the mudflap on hard turn(sometimes).. I will fix that , buy cutting about 2" o the inside of the mudflap. Vossen have never did 10.5 allround, so this is the 1st.. will post some HD pics when I wash the truck.


Running Boards

I just installed these running boards onto my QX60... makes it much easier for my 4-yr old to get into the car.

Hi, Attached after installation pics, please don't blame me if they don't look good as I' am not a pro



Replacement LED Fog Lights

I got the Cree LED from ebay... here is a picture of them installed.. Here is some pictures ,on the left is oem and right is led fog lights.. install was pretty easy plug and play.. took about an hour for the install.. looks so much better then oem fogs ..

Dear All,

Decided to replace my stock fog to TRS Morimoto XB LED foglights. Hope these pictures will provide some information to those are thinking of replacing their stock fogs.



Plasti-Dipped Grilles

I dipped my entire grill about 2 years back and have loved it since.

Originally I planned to pull the grill off but didn't see an easy way. I watched a bunch of youtube videos on how to apply the dip, cut cardboard and slotted the pieces behind the grill (in front of all the engine bits), then taped off the outside grill edges. Applied about 6 applications, waited about 10 minutes between each. Peeled the edges off and around the camera and I was done. In 2 years and nearly 35K the plastic dip hasn't chipped.

Another user did the entire grill but left the Infiniti logo chrome. Looks cool, like it's floating.
Nice, I went ahead and dipped mine the other night. I left the Infinite badge and I am thinking about removing the border and just leaving the cross sections in the middle dipped. I also dipped the back chrome on the top and bottom part between the licence plate. I might do the trim around the windows, fog lights, and back badges tonight.


Dashboard Cameras

I am planning to have a dashcam installed on my QX 60, hard-wired into the vehicle with all wires hidden away (Blackvue DR650GW-2CH). My question is about where to mount the front camera as my QX =60 is fully loaded with all the safety features such as rain sensors, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control. With all that technology built into the windshield where can I safely have the unit installed so as not to block some sensor? I'd like it in front of the rear-view mirror so that it is out of my sight-lines and somewhat innocuous from outside view, but I see a white, translucent square cover on the rear-view mirror that faces the front of the car (so looking ahead). Obviously another sensor of some sort.

It looks to me like the only possible location to mount the front sensor then would be towards the passenger side of the rear view mirror. Would that be correct? Hopefully one of the sales guys will know and can answer. The dash cam unit is about 118 mm long with a 36 mm diameter (4-5/8 x 1-3/8 diameter, inches).


To the right of the mirror for me


Roof Boxes

I ended up with a Yakima Skybox 16 which fits perfect and the way its tapered in the back, it blends nicely with the D pillar design. Got it at REI when it was on sale and paid $385 for it last year. You can barely tell its on the car and it really doesn't impact your gas milage either with the exception when you are in high winds. We took the car on an 8500 mile cross country trip last fall and really appreciated it. The feet are adjustable and easy to install. I also purchased the Thule cargo box lift which works great Purchased it on Amazon and used one of the reviewer's installation methods since the manufacturer's instructions aren't that good. There are pictures posted on the Amazon sight also if you want to see various ways customers have installed them. It took me about 2 1/2 hours to install it and it was worth it. I only keep the box on the JX when I need it, and it only takes 10 minutes to install it on the car with the lift kit. Sure beats laying the box on the garage floor.
Since I can't post a link to the thread, here are the pics of the Thule one from that thread for comparison for those who want to see them

Yep - no go attaching link to post

I went with Yakima Skybox


Door Edge Guards

Here ya go...all four doors for $10; and with my remnant carpet for the cargo area another $10, my total post factory investment only $20.


Sun Shade

I purchased one from the dealership. It is custom fit for the car and covers the glass completely. It rolls up with a velcro strap to put it away. It wasn't very expensive. I live in Texas, and during the summer I use it everyday because I have to park outside at work.
We purchased the WeatherTech sun shade for $60. Its heavy duty and fits like a glove.


Cargo Protector/Mat

It is 'thin feeling' but it works just fine for what it does. I'd have preferred it a bit to have been rubber like the all weather mats but it's fine for what it does because it is more important for me that it goes up and down with the rear seats. I've bought bags of soil, fertilizer and stones at Home Depot and after coming home, a quick vacuuming made them look new again.

Here are some pics I took of mine:

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Other mods I did, like LED DRL's, LED interior and parking lamp lighting, chrome turn signal bulbs and upgraded HID bulbs.
Ok, I grabbed some pics just now. They are during the daytime so yes, I know, they basically suck but I wanted to at least share something while I had the time.

Just the DRL's, the camera makes the one on the right look 'different' but when viewed with the naked eye they don't appear 'like that'.

Next, headlights on and the DRL's dim from I think 6w to 1w

And now with the fogs on, I installed CREE LED bulbs in them yesterday just for the color. The stock fogs don't do much for me and I would never use them as fogs so I went with these. The DRL's look off but they are on, it has to be the camera as in person they appear visibly on and brighter, even in the above photos.

Closeup of the fog light bulb (there are 4 forward facing led's and 8 total going around the outside. 2 stacked together basically at north, east, south and west for 12 LEDs total.

Then I also did the interior lights with LED's. I went with Sylvanias as I've bought the Chinese ones in the past that have 5 leds that light up and eventually all of them have an led go out. These are pricey but I like the color and fact they are brand named. In the first pic, you can see I also installed turn signal bulbs that are 'thickly' chromed so no yellow is visible unless they are lit for turning.

Here is the bulb that works for the front parking lights, rear license plate lights, footwell lights on the driver and passenger side and the 2nd row reading lights. They are on Amazon.

For the rear cargo area light, you need this one. I got it off ebay.

For the front map lights you need these. Again, off ebay.

And here are the fogs not installed. And yes, ebay, lol.
Thank You. I forgot to mention the turn signal bulbs I installed that are chromed out. I love how in the front and back, it's all clear/chrome now without the yellow being reflected in the housing. Again, they do flash yellow, but show no yellow/orange unless lit.

I got them on ebay. If I post links, it makes it where a mod has to approve the post so to avoid that, I'll do it like this to show you which ones I got.

On eBay you can search for "X5 Lightning 7507 PY21W 1156PY BAU15S Stealth Chrome Amber Marker Signal Bulbs". Those will be the front ones.

And for the rears search for on ebay "7440 992 T20 WY21W Glass Base Stealth Silver Chrome X5 Lightning Light 2- Bulbs"



The sellers name is ipremiertek*co

And no, I am in no way affiliated with ANY of the ebay people I purchased bulbs from.
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Great list, thanks OP....

I've nearly checked off the full list:
Grill Dipped - Done
Dash Cam - Done
Cargo Box - Done (Thule 18)
Sun Shade - Eclipse Sunshades. I originally had a folding-style but was too difficult to store. This is easier (accordions to edge of windshield), but looks a little ghetto

Next on the list:
- LED Fog Lights - Bought the LED's, can't get the wheel well open to replace the lights.Door Edge Guard - My previous car had metal guards, but the plastic strip looks easy.
- Rims - Looking for black
- Running Boards

There are a few additional mods on the JX35 boards. One guy painted the roof of his white JX35 black.

Then there's the "Larte Design" russian design firm that will truly pimp put your ride. Link
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Next on the list:
- LED Fog Lights - Bought the LED's, can't get the wheel well open to replace the lights.Door Edge Guard - My previous car had metal guards, but the plastic strip looks easy.
I did my fog lights without going through he wheel well. I did it from under the car, right under where the fog lamps are. There was a plastic panel, I undid some screws, maybe some of those push pin things and it made enough room for me to get my hand up through.
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Hi - Anyone installed alternative to the exterior FM Antenna? it really looks ugly on $50K car; I have trouble listening the the radio if i take it off, does infiniti has any alternative to it.
Kinda looks ugly on a $20k car, too...

If you prefer the shark fin look, you can get those, but be sure it will clear the existing base the antenna screws into.
Anyone here thinking about getting switch back LED turn signals?

They add a nice touch to these vehicles and can make them seem a bit more premium!
It would of been great if you would have shown pics of how you did the swap. How about the license plate lights and the reverse lights, any LED's for those?
I think stuff like this are great who agrees?
Are great comma, or is great comma?
I did my fog lights without going through he wheel well. I did it from under the car, right under where the fog lamps are. There was a plastic panel, I undid some screws, maybe some of those push pin things and it made enough room for me to get my hand up through.
Good tip. One good thing about that is it keeps us further away from the paint, less of a chance in scratching it during the process.
Good tip. One good thing about that is it keeps us further away from the paint, less of a chance in scratching it during the process.
It does take a bit of twisting/manipulating the plastic panel, if I remember correctly, to get it out of the way enough to get your hand in there but I still found it easier and 'safer' than going through the wheel well. I did it this way in my previous vehicles as well.
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