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QX60 leads Infiniti's SUV sales for Q1 2014 in the UAE

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Infiniti has announced its sales figures for the 1st quarter of 2014. The news is good too. In the Middle East, sales have increased to 1,524 units. That is up from a total of 1,163 units over the same period in 2013. That is an increase of 31%.

In Q1 of 2014, QX60 remained Infiniti's best-selling SUV. Infiniti's other SUVs also performed well. The QX80 saw record high sales with an increase of 44% in sales. A car with an even bigger increase in sales was the QX50, which saw a massive 150% rise in sales. Overall, UAE Infiniti sales were up 53% in the 1st quarter.

Infiniti's line-up of SUVs contributed 67% of Infiniti's overall sales volume.

All of this sounds like good news for Infiniti as far as its international sales go. The UAE is THE place for luxury vehicles, so Infiniti making in roads into this market is a really good sign for the brand. These stats make it one of the fastest growing premium automotive brands in that market.

Do you think that this sales news gives us any info on how Infiniti is doing worldwide? It seems like it is doing better in UAE than it is in other markets.
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I don't think we can give much weight to its significance to worldwide operations. The Mid East, while lucrative yes, is still a fraction of US/European/Asian (OK just China) business. So yes it is encouraging to see this type of growth in such a lucrative market, Infiniti still struggles to make a dent in Europe. Their China operations are moving along well from what I've heard however...
with how infiniti planning to grow, i can see that number continue to increase at a good rate or at least stay at some good level.
It seems to me that there aren't many Japanese luxury brands that do well in Europe. They have such good quality European luxury brands that it is really hard to break into. Other markets like China, America and the Middle East don't have that same home grown talent to contend with.
Unfortunately that's how it is in europe but as time goes on and japanese luxury car makers improve that could change, not with turning the tables but rather more europeans interested in japanese luxury.
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