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QX60 front headrests

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Due to neck and back issues, my wife must sit very upright, almost vertical. The headrest has a definite forward tilt that forces her head into an uncomfortable position (that we didn't notice on short test drives). It does not pivot like some do. If we didn't have the theater package, we could reverse the headrest and it would line up almost perfectly straight -although it would lose it's height adjustment feature. So I'm looking for any options or ideas that others may have before we attempt to reshape the headrest at an upholstery shop. Does anyone else find the headrest uncomfortable?
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First complaint I've heard about this with the theatre headrests. I hear it about once every three months from customers test driving non-theater cars. In the one case where it really, really mattered, I let the client know that she could try turning it around - but also pointed out that neither I nor Infiniti endorsed that solution since it probably makes the headrests less safe.

More and more car makers are designing headrests that contact the back of your head in normal driving positions. I'm guessing this is part of the active safety features in newer cars.
from my personal experience, it wasn't an issue. this was from sitting in one at the auto show and even getting behind the wheel for a long test drive.

you can try getting some padding for the seat or something to push her more forward to compensate for the forward lean of the head rest. A good cheap and easy alternative.
I drove my JX35 for 10 hours straight and didn't have any issues w/ the head rest. I've got the theater package as well. I however don't have a back problem. Is it possible to recline the seat a bit so that the head rest is thusly straight for her back and then wedge something behind her back and the seat to make her lean on that?
Don't think there are any options apart from getting it reupholstered.
I dunno, something like this may work.
that will help, but something that covers the whole back rest will be even more helpful to push her whole body more forward.
it's a good cost effective solution, something to do right now for cheap until something better can be done, which will likely cost more and be something custom .
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