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QX60: 149.8 cf
MDX: 132.3 cf
RX350: 100 cf


INFINITI QX60: 15.8 cf/ MAX 56.6 cf

ACURA MDX: 15.8 cf/ MAX 90.9 cf

LEXUS RX 350: 40 cf/ MAX 80.2

Keep in mind that QX60 is the only one with true 3rd row seating comfortable for adults. The MDX does offer third row seating but it is a cramped affair. The Lexus runs away with the capacity comparison because of its lack of third row.

The QX60 suffers because of its true 3 row seating, the second folds down but is not completely stowable.

However if I'm road tripping i want the size and comfort of the QX60, as driver or passenger a cramped car is never fun for driving or discussion. Still very surprised at the MDXs impressive MAX cargo capacity considering the QX60 has 15 cf extra passenger capacity...

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Length (mm) 4,989
Width (mm) 1,960
Height (mm) 1,742


Length (mm) 4,917
Width (mm) 1,962
Height (mm) 1,716


Length (mm) 4,770
Width (mm) 1,885
Height (mm) 1,695

Its clear to see why the RX350 doesnt have a third row, its 200 mm short of its rivals, QX60 is the biggest although not by as much as I initially thought...
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