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Push to start - ON to Accessory

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Hi Guys,

Just picked up my new 2014 QX60 with all options. Installed the Navi bypass yesterday.

Previously i had a 07 G35 Sedan, and 2010 G37S coupe. When the engine is running and i want to turn off the engine and put it to accessory, all i had to do was double press the push the start and it would pop into accessory, without powering off the radio (therefore no interruption in music).

IN the QX60, everytime i try, it keeps turning to the off position and then i have to turn it back on to accessory.

Do you guys know the trick on how to get it to accessory from ON(Engine Running) condition>?
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Where did you get the Navi bypass from?

And I would also like to know if anyone knows how to switch to Accessory without interrupting music ...
Bypass kit JX35/QX60 2013+ with Sat Nav - Car Kit Company

I have it installed, and like it.
Bypass kit JX35/QX60 2013+ with Sat Nav - Car Kit Company

I have it installed, and like it.
Nice! Thanks for posting that link. Also looks like the company selling it is a good one too.
Yeah, I had reached out to them with a question before buying and I received a prompt and detailed reply and also an offer that should I need help while installing I can call them and they'll try and help me over the phone where I may get stuck. I've had it in for over 3 months no, no issues. And also no issues during the install, though I did buy the trim piece toll kit thing from them as well for $10 and it helped at times. I think it's cheaper at harbor freight but there isn't one close to me so $10 was worth it to toss in the order.
Hi guys.. So I assume nobody knows how to deal with the push to start switch.

Really annoying. Our lexus is-f also has this ridiculous issue as well.
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