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Problem with my weathertech mats

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Fellow members with Weathertech mats,

I just wanted to chime in and see if you have the same problems that I have.

My second row mat is lifting on the edges causing passengers to trip over when caught with the floorliners.

I contacted customer support and send the pictures below to them but they say this I just need to lay my mat down in the sun to re-shape it and my mat isn't defective in anyways.. I just want to see if you have the same issues that I have and what you have done about this.



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I have only had mine a few weeks now (bought them for both my QX60 and the wife's Q50) and they lay just fine. For the price though they should. Of course here in sunny CA our inside car temps get high enough to just about melt it so....
I am finding that the heat is making my luggage matt roll up around the edges. It was fine until the weather started getting hot. I may have to Velcro it down.
I agree MPDO. I do not think these are worth the money I spent (wasted). I will likely post them on ebay or craigslist and just get the infinity matts
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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