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Premium Plus worth it?

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Hi. I am about to purchase a 2014 or 2015 QX60 in the next three days. I initially thought about purchasing a 2014 with Premium, Premium Plus, and Driver Assistance, because Premium Plus has sonar sensors.

Now with 2015, I noticed that Driver Assistance Package also comes with sonar sensors, not requiring Premium Plus. But the issue is that Premium doesn't seem to have Bluetooth audio streaming function.

1. Is this true that only Premium Plus comes with Bluetooth audio streaming from smart phones?

2. I don't really need a navigation and thought around view monitors are a bit distracting during the test-drive. Do you get used to around view monitors?

Thank you for reading this.
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I love Sinecure's response and I'm not a salesman. After driving several Infiniti loaners, which all were basic cars without most of the bells and whistles, I really don't think I'd spend the money on a base model luxury vehicle. Once you've driven a fully loaded Infiniti and can see the differences, I don't think you'd be satisfied with the basic model.
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