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The Power liftgate wont stay open.
When I open the liftgate, it goes all the way up and then beeps twice and automatically starts closing. I can stop it manually with my hands and it stays open, but it is annoying that it just automatically closes. Any ideas on what could be wrong with it?


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Check the Pinch Strip..

From Manual

Auto Reverse:
If an obstacle is detected during power open or
power close, a warning chime will sound and the
liftgate will reverse direction and return to the full
open or full close position. If a second obstacle is
detected, the liftgate motion will stop and the
liftgate will enter manual mode.
A pinch strip is mounted on each side of the
liftgate. If an obstacle is detected by a pinch strip
during power close, the liftgate will reverse direction
and return to the full open position.

If the pinch strip is damaged or removed,
the power close function will not operate.

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Robert.canada & tolcorp,
I’ve had this same problem twice now on my 2014. Dealer resets, works properly for awhile, then starts happening again. Dealer is 50 miles away. Sure would like to fix myself if possible. Can either of you advise what you had to do to fix this problem? I’m wondering if something needs replacing since it keeps happening.

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I think this is it:
From Savvy5:
All - just wanted to give an update. Took the Pathfinder to the dealership for a quick service and to have Doug (great service technician) look at the liftgate. He showed me an easy fix that works "most" of the time. 1) Turn the power-lift gate Off (by the steering column). 2) Manually open and then manually close the liftgate. 3) Manually open the liftgate again. 4) With the liftgate open, press and hold the power liftgate button on the liftgate itself until you hear a couple beeps. 5) Turn the power-lift gate On (by the steering column).

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