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Hi all,

As the heading says, I am almost there. But before I took the plunge, I felt like I have a ton of questions, even though and even though I have silently read many conversations in this forum. I would appreciate any advice on reference to any posts. Here goes:

1. After going through the usual ritual of looking at other cars, and in no way of the same class, my wife kind of likes the Sienna SE. The new Kia Sedona with its recliner seats is a looker. But in no way I can bring together to forking about 45-50K Canadian dollars for the Sienna, much less the Sedona. I haven't looked at the Acura MDX or Honda Odyssey. I may if you guys suggest, but perhaps my question is would you buy the QX60 again given the chance over other cars? Based on reliability, value, driveabiity etc.? Or is it something else?

2. Which brings me to the second question. Reliability? Is it there? I have seen posts about number of complaints per hundred, and that consumer reports say about much below average reliability. What are your impressions? Anything else to be worried about?

3. Pricewise, what am I expecting as a price lately? I would like to have all packages in a AWD v6 setup. I live in Toronto Area, so any latest deal numbers will be greatly appreciated. And dealership wise, i have again heard some positives about Alta Infiniti, but any input will help.

4. I have been a lifelong buyer, but I am rethinking about leasing. Simply because of CVT and the plethora of electronic nannies that i feel wouldn't last long. Plus I kinda like LED DRL's that is not here, at least for now, and the in the near future, Google or Apple would form most car's multimedia that would render these cars obsolete soon. What are your thoughts?

We are a family of four with two small kids, so third row has become important for us. I know I asked quite a few open ended questions. i am not expecting answers to all. But any input will help me make an informed decision. Thanks

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I'm one of the original JX owners and now have 36,000 miles on the car. It has been trouble free since day one, with very few minor items taken care of on recalls or "campaigns" as they sometimes call them.

We have taken an 8,500 mile trip cross country (US) and twice several thousand mile trips to the California coast. Our car is fully loaded and the only feature we really don't use is the entertainment system, but we still like having it.

Our fuel milage has been consistent running at close to 20 mpg mixed driving. The ride is very comfortable on long trips, and the car handles very well. Yes there is a bit of body roll on sharp turns, but that is to be expected with a big car.

We use the Infiniti Personal Assistant frequently, but my concern is that they haven't been able to answer the question regarding what will happen to that service when AT&T takes their 2G network down.

The technology on the car works very well, especially the automatic front braking, adaptive cruise control, blind spot warning and intervention, and also the back up braking feature which stops the car when an object is near the rear end of the car. The second and third row seats are very comfortable and easy to configure.

As for some of the complaints you've probably seen on the forums, there has been a transmission judder issue on several year models of the car. It sounds like Nissan has been addressing the issue especially it has really impacted the Pathfinder.

My recommendation is if your seriously considering this vehicle, give it a solid test drive in several road conditions, hills, bumpy roads, freeways, etc. to see if you notice any performance issues. Check out the Yelp reviews, and any other reviews you can find on the Internet relating to your dealership to see what others are saying about their customer service. Because of the known issue with the transmission, consider an extended warranty and get the best price you can. Ask what the dealership sales manager what their policy is regarding vehicles that develop serious concerns.

Other than that, I wish you the best of luck on your quest for a new luxury vehicle.

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qx60 ownership

We purchased a 2014 qx60 base with AWD in June of 2014.
The car currently has 16,000 kms. It has been a great vehicle so far, currently we are averaging about 10.8 liters/100 kms. The car has been very reliable with only one suspension squeak in extremley cold temperatures, which the dealer repaired under warranty.
The QX60 is a pleasure to drive as a family vehicle. It is a great cruiser and very comfortable. We too have small kids and the space offered by the QX60 was superior to any other SUV that we looked at including the MDX.
We are satisified with our purchase and would make the same decision if we were to do it again.
My wife comments on a regular basis about how much she likes driving the QX.
The MDX turned us off for the following reasons;
1. the space wasn't there.
2. the third row seating in the Qx was awesome and access compared to the MDX.
3. the mileage was better, the perfomance on the MDX was better as it's output is around 300 hp vs. 248 for the QX. The ride for us on the QX is preferred to that of the MDX as it's a family hauler and we don't do hard cornering or aggressive driving. The QX has enough getup for highway driving and passing.
4. the finish was similar for both vehicles.
5. ACURA client services in CANADA is terrible. I currently own a newer TSX and the experince with ACURA has been awful in terms of dealer performance and warranty work.

Good luck with your decision.
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