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One Interior light blew out now all interior lights not working, help!

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I got a 2019 Qx60, I changed all the interior lights into LEDs, everything was working great, one bulb came lose (map light) and as I touched it while all the interior lights were on, it blew out and all of the interior lights are now not working:

Map lights
Vanity Mirror Light
Illuminated Kick Plates
Courtesy door handle lights
Footwell Lights
Front door puddle lights
Lift Gate light

All the dashboard lights, volt chargers are working, all exterior lights are working, glove box lights are working
For some reason my BSW lights don't illuminate anymore when driving however when I turn on the Driver Assistance Alert (Lane departure, front break warning etc) the BSW then works. I believe it's just the illumination that doesn't show.

Any help??
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