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Hey folks -

2019.5 QX60 Luxe. Last night went to start it in our garage - no go.
  • While attempting, there was a quick flash of "Key ID Incorrect", but that disappeared quickly as the engine wouldn't turn over and the dash just slowly kinda went dead.
  • Tried to press the start button again. Same thing - just tried for a second or two then nothing.
  • Thought maybe it was my key, so tried again with wife's key fob - same result.
  • Our car battery is original - about 4 years or so - figured seemed like a weak battery that couldn't turn the car over, despite being able to operate all lights, liftgate, etc.
  • Replaced battery this morning (I figured either way, proactively time for a new battery)
  • Attempted to start, but now car will not recognize either key. Both just indicate "Key ID invalid". Keys do absolutely nothing - no locking/unlocking, starting. Nothing.
  • Put brand new Duracell 2032s in key fobs - no better.
  • Learned we can still start car by touching the key fob near/on the Start button. Can start car.
  • Check Engine Light is now on.
  • Attempted to drive car, but felt like there was ton of resistance in both reverse and drive. Kinda like maybe the break was on?
  • Sure enough after 100 yards or so of drively gently, the FEB indicator light came on and simultaneously a message saying "FEB Malfunction - see owners manual"
  • Tried one more time to unhook negative battery terminal for 30 mins. Reconnected. Same result. No key connection, CEL on, same funky driving...
I get that maybe I'm having some sort of FEB issue (like it's perpetually trying to brake while I drive?) - but what's going on with both keys? Not a coincidence I'm sure. Somethin' ain't right.

Obviously I'll be bringing it in Monday (or Tuesday if holiday) - but in the meantime, any thoughts?

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