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I am in the market for a QX60 and have narrowed our shopping options down to these two:

Used 2013 JX35 - Diamond Slate with Graphite Interior, Maple trim
Prem, Prem+, Theater, Tech, Deluxe Touring
18,600 miles
$45K list price online

New 2014 QX60 - Black with Java interior
Prem, Prem+, Driver Asssist. Package, Dual DVD, Roof Rails and Crossbars
$49,755 first offer from dealer before tax, tags, etc.

I am torn between having one fully loaded and slightly used versus one that is my first color combination choice and roof rails.

What would you pick, and why?:D

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When I researched the JX before it came out, I decided I really wanted the fully loaded vehicle. Paid $56K for it with the longest warranty 0 deductible available. I sure don't regret it. If I were comparing your choices, I would still be tempted to go for the used one because it has everything and it has more than likely been broken in, with all recall campaigns taken care of. $45K seems to be a good price.

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I have a 3rd vehicle that I am now considering and it might win out over the other 3.

Black w Java
Front Wheel Drive
Deluxe touring
Roof Rails & Crossbars
Out the door pricing at 51,698
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