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Any good ideas on running daytime lights?
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There has been plenty of discussion on this forum, and its sister forum, Go to the search feature and type in day time running lights and you should find the threads. There have been several members that also posted their instructions and pictures.

You're probably like many of the US owners who are disappointed that Infiniti did not include them in the US models. In Canada they are mandatory.

Several members went to great lengths to install them, including cutting into the bumper to get them to fit. There are several vendors that sell the parts, but I recommend doing your homework first to see if its something you want to take on. I still can't find a local shop here in the Pacific Northwest that has installed them.
Here is a link to my post sharing info and pics concerning this and more:

Heres a post I made with the link to the drl's on ebay:

Using Google with a search term such as "infinitiqx60 drl" finds great results on here.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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