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I'm a headlight builder and designer that looks for problems and gaps in the current products on the market and was given an opportunity to build a complete package for the 2015 model. It's been amazing having a good baseline to start from, the styling is great from the factory.
I thought I should at least drop in and say hello. I'm sure there are some who won't understand this build and that's okay.
First, all lights will function per DOT spec while the vehicle is in Drive. All strobe, patterns, or colors are show mode functions when the vehicle is in Park only.
So the build is a face lift of the stock headlights including custom DRL boards for eye lids, new 3d printed signals, demon eyes, and addressable back lights, reflector modification, and the best LED bulbs available. Custom fog lamps, lower DRLs and back lit front and rear emblems with infinity illusions.
Also we're doing custom printed pods for focal tweeters on interior trim by the mirrors, sub enclosure with custom printed and lit grills as well as a infinity mirror amp rack.

Things are just getting really cranked up but here's the first link. It's a video of the stock headlight shroud. It's been done in carbon with blasted diffuser and lit up with Addressables:
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