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New to this board. I just purchased a 2014 QX60. Traded in my EX35. EX was just to small for my liking. Anyway, I have a question regarding the avg mpg readout. The avg mpg readout on the GPS screen seems to be a few mpg above the avg mpg readout on the information center. Can anyone explain? Thank you
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Welcome to the QX60 board!
Believe it has to do with the refresh rates - the GPS/main center display screen only updates every 30 sec or so whereas the data in the info center in front of steering wheel is more real time.

Please correct me otherwise.
You can reset both ave mpg indicators independently. So if they were not reset at the same time, they will display different ave mpg's. Neat feature, I just used it on my first road trip. On the ave mpg page on center console display (the big one), I reset it before I started my trip, and I reset the smaller driver info screen ave mpg page before my return trip home. Found out I average 26 mpg combined for the entire trip, and I got 28 hwy mpg on the return leg.
thanks for the replies. I did some more research and found out that the avg mpg located in the vehicle information screen (between tach and speedo) is really the trip computer. Therefore, it will show the avg mpg, miles driven and actual time on the road, during a trip, providing I reset it prior to my trip
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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