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New JX35 owner in Ohio/VA

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Hello All,

Just upgraded my wifes car from a 2007 FX35 (near 135k miles) to a certified 2013 Jx35 with 15k miles. I figured there weren't any changes to the 2014 QX60 to warrant buying a new one and spending 15k more..

Our JX is a triple package (deluxe touring, Premium 2, Theatre) Black on black exterior, with more options than we woulda wanted. We weren't looking for the theatre package at first, (our 4 year old would be addicted) but it happened to be on the one we bought, oh well. The panoramic sunroof is the best feature ever, makes the rear seats not feel as claustrophobic. I really like the fact that the bluetooth does audio now, unlike our FX which only did phones.

Initial thoughts are that while the room is fantastic, we kinda miss the aggressive sound/drive of the FX35. This drive is more comfortable, and we try to drive it in eco just for the gas mileage benefit. The car is more luxurious and has a lot more gadgets than the FX, which we are slowly learning. The bluetooth audio we noticed does drop connection to the iphone sometimes and will not resume audio playback without hitting pause/play a couple times. I Also havent been able to get videos to play off a USB drive, I guess it doesnt play h.264 mp4 and mkv but only avi.

Our Navigation says 11-12 Maps, i noticed 2014 is available... Does anyone who upgraded know if it says 13-14 maps now? or just 2014 maps. Debating whether to upgrade now or wait till fall/spring 2015 for the new maps?

We are averaging about 18.8 mpg right now, but we do live in a small town and take frequent small trips. We'll see how we do on gas mileage on a longer trip to VA soon. Hopefully we are able to get it up to at least 21.

I purchased the 2013 pathfinder Cargo net from amazon which works great in the back of the JX, preventing those groceries from falling out when the 3rd row is extended.

Overall the car is great and we love it. It has been dubbed "The Dark Knight"


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