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Last week the wifes car developed a problem with the fuel injector system. Quick google search I figured out it was about $2500 to fix. Car had a retail value of $2k. (05 Volvo with 140k miles). So we traded it in for a new infinity Q50 figuring having a car payment for the first time in 5 years would not be that bad. Plus with the finance deal they had going it was the lowest price car payment that we have had since the 80s.

Then yesterday I was coming back from lunch and started my truck up. It was an 05 Ford F-150 with 190,000 on it. It threw a rod at the crank (dealer dropped the pan the next day) but at least stayed running. I had been looking at new trucks online for a few months but had decided to wait a year after the wife needed a new car(a similarly equipped truck like mine goes for $60k now, double what I paid in 05). So I remembered they had good deal on the financing and pricing on the Infiniti QX60 and attempted to drive my truck the 8 miles to the dealer we bought her car. Made it somehow, and bought another car with almost the same payment. At least they gave me 1k for the truck rather than charging me to take it. lol I loved that truck. I am sure I will like the SUV too but I have had a truck most of my adult life.

So now we are a two Infiniti family. I will likely spend some time here and the Q50 pages searching out details and tips on how to use both to their fullest. Thanks in advance for answering all of the questions I know I will have.
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