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Hi everyone.

My wife will chuckle at my having joined yet another forum. But why the heck not.

I am a proud owner of a new to me 2014 QX60 AWD model. I'll admit, I'm not sure what package exactly it has, but it's not the base model. I have navigation with bluetooth streaming (almost walked away from the QX60 when I found the base model had Bluetooth for calls but not Bluetooth streaming), memory seats, many or all of the driving assist features as far as I can tell from watching the Infiniti USA videos on YouTube, and while I don't have the headrest TVs, the front display does play DVDs just fine. I also have the wrap-around camera system, which is pretty nifty.

This is my first Infiniti, but not my first Nissan. At one point in time I purchased a 0 mile 2006 Nissan Maxima SL, which then I proceeded to put TVs, LEDs, Xbox and all kinds of crazy stuff into. But that was over a decade ago now.

Went with the QX60 as it was my favorite of all the three row crossover SUVs I researched and could realistically afford. We take care of my wife's parents (and they in return care for our little one) and we have another little one coming later this year. So we need space for six. The QX60 more than delivers there. This is our third car and will be my daily driver, the others being a 2014 Toyota Camry (my in-laws' daily driver) and a fully loaded 2014 Ford Escape Titanium (my wife's daily driver).

I have already ordered a few things it didn't come with - cargo net, oem floor mats, and cargo cross bars for the roof (third row up = no storage space for long trips). I also already replaced my fogs with PIAA yellows and will replace HIDs with 8000K bulbs tomorrow. This will match the same look we have on the Camry and Escape, which we're quite fond of. Also will be replacing most inside and outside yellow bulbs with white LEDs, also already on their way to me.

Today I have an appointment for new tires, oil change and general maintenance. After that, I'm good to just enjoy the car, hopefully for many years.

I have watched every Infiniti USA video on the features of the car, and learned a thing or two from the Tips and Tricks thread here. It's what prompted me to join the forum :)
But I do have a couple of questions:

1) Is there no way to pause/resume Bluetooth playback? Nissan seems to have implemented Bluetooth in a wonky way compared to our Camry and Escape, which are more seamless in playback control. I have it set so when I enter the car, the Bluetooth connection comes on, my audiobook resumes, and bam. But if I need to pause/resume, I seem to have to go to my phone. There must be a way, surely?

2) I like the way it handles entering and exiting the vehicle, with the seat and steering wheel moving automatically to accommodate me. But it sounds like it's grinding when sliding backwards when exiting. It does NOT, however, make any noise when I enter the car and it slides forward. Any idea?

3) I like the safety of using DCA...why is there no option to have it enabled by default? Didn't see that anywhere on my research. It turns off everytime I shut off the engine. Then I have to re-enable it. I will remember to do so, but I'd like to know it is enabled if my wife or anyone else needs to drive the car instead of me.

4) Is it possible to upgrade the firmware of the infotainment system? I know Infiniti sells a map upgrade DVD set for $100, but we would never rely on the built-in navigation. Too unreliable compared to Google Maps with real time traffic updates. But if that DVD set also brings any updates or improvements to the general usability of the system, I'd buy it. Or any other way to update it, for that matter.

5) I've read about being able to lower the windows with the keyfob. I do have remote start and remote lift gate release, so I figured I would have the option for the windows. But it doesn't seem to be working. Is that an optional feature, or am I just fiddling with the remote incorrectly?

6) How much does a second key cost from the dealer, and of particular interest to me, how long does it usually take to show up and get a new one made/assigned?

7) More of a rant, but maybe you know why. What's the point of folding mirrors that you have to fold and unfold yourself every time? I am bound to and have already forgotten to do so. It makes much more sense to auto fold and unfold with the ignition, no?

8) No hands-free lift gate access? Our Ford has it. Come on Infiniti :D

I'm looking forward to enjoying my time with this vehicle. Even though part of me wanted a very nice 2016 BMW convertible I was looking at, I made the responsible family man decision to get the third row SUV. It does feel like it fits me and my personality, and I love the way it looks and rides. Barring anything significant breaking down, I expect to love this vehicle for a decade at least.
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