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Need assistance with navigation system

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Hello, I'm still getting used to my newQX60 (3 weeks) one problem I keep having is my nav system doesn't connect. It is actually more than the nav system as I can't see the radio selections, or control the air conditioning among other things. Yesterday I was able to see the radio station and get maps to come up bug my phone, Infiniti connection or maps would not connect. Is there something I'm missing? I can't seem to find on/off. Bluetooth won't connect and when I hit the voice option on the steering wheel, it says not connected but sometimes it works but does not display. Any hints on what I can do to get a connection/display? Thanks!!'
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I would disconnect your phone and try reconnecting it. As for the Infiniti Connection, make sure you have signed up completely (or your sales consultant). I haven't heard of the maps never loading up though. If that keeps happening, I would take it in to see if they could replace the entire unit.
Is your problem with the Navigation system maps? or your phone bluetooth or climate control?

You dont need bluetooth connection to access your navigation.
Im slightly confused by your question.
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