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Correct... Works on every car I've had for ten years, but not this one. The navigation system is annoying in this beast...
I tried this again on my navigation this morning on my QX60. This is my third Infiniti so it has worked in the past. When the navigation starts speaking and while it is talking, I immediately turned the volume knob and lowered the volume on the navigation. When it finished speaking, my radio returned back to the normal volume without me having to do anything. The next time the navigation would speak, it did somewhat lower my radio volume to let you know the navigation was speaking, but the volume on the navigation was still at the lowered volume. However when it stopped talking, my radio volume was back to normal. I also love the birdseye view on Infiniti's navigation system versus the flat screen map. It makes it appear more realistic. When I purchased my QX, I did have to go in and change the split screen view because I prefer to have a full screen map. Now it only pops up when you come to a major interchange. It really is a good system, and I don't miss the ETA, it lets you know approximately how long before you get there, and its not hard to do the math. It readjust as you get closer, and I find it to be pretty accurate. It sure beats plugging in a Garmin and having the wires hanging down, and it also is better than listening to directions from your iPhone while you're driving. My only complaint is having to pay for the updates. For what you pay to have the system in your car, I believe Infiniti should furnish the updates for free.
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