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1) How accurate is the built-in navigation? I noticed that it does route well BUT the estimated time is way off. Is this the case for you as well?

2) The sound quality of the OEM wireless headphones is not that good with noticeable noise. Are mine defective or this is normal?

Thank you all.
I find the navigation to be very accurate. Remember, that the ETA is based on whatever setting you have for average MPH (buried somewhere in the settings screen), so, for example, if you're driving faster than what is set you will arrive sooner than what the computer is calculating.

I just returned from vacation having down a round trip to Florida from Ohio and found that it was pretty spot on.

As for the headphones, I've never used them as I'm always driving, but my kids haven't complained. Though during the Florida drive, one of the headphones was configured wrong and I heard one of them complaining about noise. Her sister caught that the headphone was set to the driver side screen and she was watching the passenger screen. When they flipped the switch on the headphone to the "R" position, it worked fine.

Hope this helps.
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