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You can change the estimated time of arrival
Go into your Nav settings and adjust speed assumptions for Freeway, Highway, etc... I set mine at 70mph on the Freeway and that seems to have helped create a more accurate time. (thanks dgchurch from jxforums)

I just got back from a 2K roadtrip with a friend that drove a Ford. His f150 had a nav that was horrible. The interface was top down view, the graphics were poor. POI's was limited, and worst, the nav system exited early on a number of destinations causing his routs to be longer. There's always a better way to arrive somewhere, however as long as the Nav system takes the guess work out than it's worth it to me.

You can buy replacement headphones from Amazon (linked below), however I doubt they'll be much better. I'm not sure IR is the best way to transfer audio. IR bandwidth is small.
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