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*** Long post alert however would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks for your time ***

Hello all,
Leased 2018 White Infiniti QX 60 about 6 months ago after lot of research with test drives and deals between different brands.
The car drove like a charm. Loved all the features of the car. But unfortunately it was in wreck the day before.
My wife was picking up kids from school and unfortunately she got into a wreck. Time was around 3:30 pm and it was raining steadily.
She was driving North on a 6 lane highway at around 55 MPH. She had to turn right at intersection so she changed the lane from middle to right about half mile before the intersection. The other SUV was trying to merge on the same highway from a road which was exactly perpendicular to the highway. It probably ran the stop sign and dashed directly on the front right side on the front wheel. Side and front airbags deployed due to the impact and car came to a stand still in the same lane.
Fortunately no one was hurt in my as well as other SUV except some seat belt bruises for the occupants.
The infiniti emergency service got activated and my wife received phone in the call that they detected there was a collision and whether everyone was ok. My wife told yes and they called the police immediately. Few other cars stopped and the drivers kindly asked whether everyone was ok in the car. The occupant from other SUV also came by and started apologizing for her grand daughter's mistake of probably not seeing my car or running stop light. My wife was completely shaken up due to the incident. The police report was made and no citation given to my wife. We are still waiting for complete police report to see the analysis of accident by police.

Most probably car is a total loss because the front right wheel came off most of the parts around that area and also some from engine bay were on the road. The axle also seems to be impacted.

Both the cars were then towed to the yard.

Good things which happen :
1. Car's safety systems worked when needed. My wife even tells me that the car's automatic collision system detected the impending collision and tried to slow down the car but the other SUV was so fast merging the highway that it couldn't stop the accident. After the hit car itself came to neutral position.
2. Infiniti emergency service response was terrific and really fast.

Questions :

1. My car is a leased car and have full coverage with insurance company. So if they deem it total loss how does it work out with infiniti lease company ? I believe after all the deals the on road price was around $48K
2. I had paid $5K as downpayment while leasing. Is there any way to claim the $5K from insurance company or infiniti ?
3. Since Infiniti emergency service detected the collision, how do I get the data to find out what exactly happened just out of my curiosity. I had "accepted" to send all data from car to infiniti through their connected system.
4. Why didn't the police ask what exactly happened to my wife? How will they determine cause of accident without asking?

Appreciate you guyies help.


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1. This depends on your lease. Odds are you have GAP insurance as part of your lease payment, so the other person's insurance will pay off your lease and if there is a difference between what the value is at the time of accident and what your finance company receives from insurance -- either their insurance or your GAP will make up the difference.

2. This is something I would bring up with their insurance company and if you want to lease another QX60 -- definitely get your original sales guy involved to see what he can do on his end re; your $5k. He obviously has an incentive to get this squared away for you as it would be another sale for him.

3. Not sure if you could, definitely call Infiniti corporate affairs, but I imagine they are less than excited to share this data with you.

4. Cops see this kind of thing all day long, an experienced LEO can look at where the cars are sitting, skid marks, talk to a couple people and figure out what happened pretty accurately.

Car is more definitely a total loss. Don't forget your personal belongings.
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