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My QX60 Knows What?

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Is your vehicle smarter than a fifth grader? Probably not but it can remember a vast amount of information – your optimal operating temperature? Done. Your favourite radio drivel? Memorized. GPS destinations (don’t let wifey see), actually maybe we should forget about that...

Infiniti decided that wasn’t enough and took whole concept to absurd levels, “My car knows me” (MCKM) may be the most frightening slogan since BIG BROTHER LOVES YOU.

Debuting on the Q50, expect to see the technology show up on all future Infiniti models, Including Q60, Q30, Q70 and all QX SUVs. MCKM will memorize 32 selectable settings across 10 functions, including preferred seat positions, cabin temperatures, routes home and even whether the driver prefers an ABC or a QWERTY keyboard.

Expect your QX60 to welcome you by name, as well as display photographs of friends and family on the car’s touch-screens to make you feel more at home. Where the pictures come from is still unknown…

MCKM will also remember driver preferences for the majority of technology available: Back-up Collision Intervention, Intelligent Brake Assist Plus, Lateral Stability Enhancement, Active Trace Control, Intelligent Cruise Control, Distance Control Assist, High Beam Assistant, Blind Spot Intervention and Warning, as well as Active Lane Control, Direct Adaptive Steering.

MCKM will remember 4 people – three registered users and one guest. All the preferences will be stored in what Infiniti calls an advanced intelligent i-Key – A glorified USB stick mainly. The information is saved automatically and can be updated, or deleted, using the screens.

So thorough is the system it stretches into the mundane and remembers if you like digital or analogue clocks, Celsius or Fahrenheit, even able to remind you which night you will be sleeping on the couch.

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I have never heard of anyone preferring an ABC keyboard to a QWERTY keyboard. This is cool, but also creepy and overkill. I don't really want my car to keep track of where I am going. Will the NSA be able to access that information without my permission? And I also don't really need pictures to appear on the screen of my family and friends. Not that I don't love them, but I don't even have pictures of them up at my desk at work.

So my verdict is "cool, too cool."
This would actually be very useful for a family vehicle. My mom is 5'5" and I am 6'1" so if the car could remember where to put the seat and steering wheel for each of us it would work really well and save a bit of time. Some things are a bit much, but generally I can see this being convenient for a lot of people.
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