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So after dealing with several car lots including the one I’ve done business with in the past I decided to call one more south of me. I was looking for a luxe with essential package and if it came with some other stuff well why not?

Average price range was 52-57 msrp for cars being looked at. Now to my deal on lease projected for tomorrow when we sign.

Car has these packages: Sensory (my fav)-proactive-essential-splash guards-welcome lighting-premium paint (???) $500 first time I see that but don’t care. I will update Sales Price and end of lease purchase amount once I see it guys.

Dealer said well over 10,000 discounts in price and GM looking to close this deal. I should also mention we have a 2017 QX50 lease in the amount of $2,555.34 pull ahead program to end current lease. They said there gonna eat the amount but we all know they built it into my payment if you run the lease through a calculator.

Qualified discount included with VPP Pricing through my Employer
MSRP 59,675
Sales Price ??
Money Factor .00016
Residual 56%
Mileage Allowance 10k, 12k $13 more in payment
Down Payment 1st months $529
Total monthly Payment $529
End of lease purchase ???
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